The Code of Conduct

The Forum and the Blog are free spaces where everyone can express their opinions, their views and their ideas with no restrictions unless they breach due respect to others or any stated rule in the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, the GDPR or the present Code of Conduct of Dance Partners-Lebanon's website.

Concerning words, it is prohibited on this website to use words referring to, and not limited to, insults, 

Concerning complete or incomplete sentences, it is prohibited on this website to use complete or incomplete sentences referring to hatred, threat, blackmail, vulgarity, racism, unjustified discrimination upon the discretionary and sole judgement of the owner or authorized manager of this site, personal information of others without their written and unambiguous consent, dogma, fundamentalism, propaganda upon the discretionary and sole judgement of the owner or authorized manager of this site.

Concerning images, whereas the previous applies, it is prohibited to publish on this website images of others shown in private places without their written and unambiguous consent. However, when the photo is taken in a public place and when it tends to constitute an attempt to others's dignity upon the discretionary and sole judgement of the owner or authorized manager of this site, the person that wishes to publish such a photo on this website shall be granted the written and unambiguous consent of the concerned person. From one to another. we remind you here that by uploading images on this site, you are deemed to have mentioned the source or the credit of these images. Therefore, we are not responsible, anyhow, for the violation of intellectual property rights or any other afferent right related to such images.    

Concerning behaviors, any behavior that tends to constitute harassment, intimidation, indecent proposals, degradation or exploitation of others, is prohibited on this website and the author of such a behavior will be held responsible.

In the event of the breach of any statement aforementioned, the author of such a breach will be banned from the website without due prior notice. Moreover, right-owners, per the rights emanating from such a breach, shall be entitled to prosecute the author above. This shall occur behind the competent jurisdiction according to Lebanese law and to international law when it applies.

For any complementary information, send us a message on the website Dance Partners-Lebanon or an email to our address [email protected]   

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