Building the community

In order to build ties within the community, discussing, thereby sharing ideas, experience, projects, events, suggestions and more, is an important element, especially at Dance Partners-Lebanon.

Here, we can choose to visit a forum and in there to participate to the related discussion. We can as well create a topic or a group for example, with the condition of being signed in. Enjoy your trip !

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  • The Benefits of Dance
    In Argentinean tango, Ballroom dance, Benefits of dance, Dance, embrace, Health, Latin dance, Music, Standard dance
      How can dance be defined ? Many definitions are given by diverse sources. Taking them into consideration has led to understand dance as being an artistic and rhythmic movement in a given space that is usually in accord with a given music. Some people dance to express their emotions or ideas, some others find […]
  • Tango
    In Art, Poésie, Tango argentin
    Les lumières sont rouges, Des lèvres frôlent le gin, Des habits sobres Epousent l’endroit charnel Des notes fusent Des accords se cherchent Et l’harmonie terrible Dévore les humains Une essence sublime Se trace dans les pas Le tango nous pousse, Le tango nous retient Et il saisit les cœurs Comme un moment divin Les […]
  • Dance or the Art of Meeting others
    In Argentinean tango, Ballroom dance, Benefits of dance, Dance, embrace, Latin dance, Music, Philosophy of dance, Standard dance
    Dance is an art, art of movement. Music, fluidity, listening to the partner and to the other dancers on the dance floor, technique, belief, practice, availability, modesty, comprehensiveness, precision and others are the key elements to release the magic of dancing. Art of movement comes out of a behavior that is […]
The community
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