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Dance Partners-Lebanon aims at being a unique dance community platform in Lebanon. Here you can find dance partners, relevant dance academies, events, soirees and more.

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History of dance is history of humanity

Since the earliest times, people have been dancing whether for cultural reasons or pure enjoyment, There’s a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement and from the connection with the partner. Thus, unique and privileged ties are created. Dance is a mood that tends and pretends to promote at the same time delicacy and energy, quality of movement and subtle behavior. Dance is an amazing tool that eases tensions while enhancing capabilities.
Just ask the dedicated dancers who come to practice every single day ! Dance partners-Lebanon is a site that is determined to promote dance in Lebanon and to bring dancers together first by giving incentive to individuals to form couples and second by creating a larger cohesive group.
Our goal is to intensify the bonds among the dancers and amateurs within this group in order to create a strong and impacting dance community.

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Byblos Tango Festival 2018 workshop/Esref Tekinalp and Vanessa Gauch

What we are talking about

Ballroom dance found its origins in the European courts either with the Minuet of the seventeenth century or with the waltz and the Polka of the nineteenth century at that time limited to some elite. With time, with the evolution of mentalities and with the mixture of different cultures as Afro-American like the Charleston, Lindy hop or swing and Latin American like the cha-cha, rumba or salsa, ballroom dances were democratized and crystallized.
In such an atmosphere, Argentinean tango emerged in Latin America (Argentina and Uruguay) with the influence of Africans brought to the continent because of colonization and for commercial purposes. In the early twentieth century, passionate English dancers standardized the Dancesport and personalities such as Arthur Murray and later Fred Astaire contributed to polish ballroom dances’ image increasing its popularity. Nowadays, Dancesport rules (including the related syllabi or authorized steps for each dance in competition) are fixed and controlled by the International Dancesport Federation that has been recognized by the  International Olympic committee. 

Academies Suggestions

Dancesport and Social Dancing

Ballroom dance is divided into two categories: Standard and Latin. The main difference is that Standard are danced in closed position most of the time on the heels while the Latin are mainly danced  on the toes in either open or closed position. Nevertheless, each dance has a special character and a specific music on which it can be danced. In competition for both Dancesport and social dance…
Standard dances include the tango, the waltz, the Viennese waltz, the foxtrot and the quickstep.
The Latin include the cha-cha, the rumba, the jive, the pasodoble and the samba.
Other dances are considered apart in social dancing as the mambo, the East coast swing, the hustle, the salsa, the merengue and the Argentinean tango.  

''Quand je rêve, je suis un roi...''
''When I dream, I am King...''

''Quand je rêve, je danse...''
''When I dream, I am dancing...''

Argentinian tango dance

Argentinian tango is the dance of passion. Even though, this dance teaches us that there cannot be passion without commitment and technique. Be true to the music and to the connection with your partner, practice often, and only then you will be able to unveil tango’s flavors while keeping its mysteries.

Let's live the passion !

Ballroom social dance

Let's move it !

Social dancing is an activity which main goal is to socialize through ballroom dancing. The team accompanies you step by step towards interesting figures and progressive technique.


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced dancer, dancesport is an activity that brings the technique and the art of the ballroom dancing to its upper level : competition. Dancesport is as rewarding as it is demanding.

Let's dance !

Mazen Kiwan the Academy

1st floor, T-Square, Sodeco, Beirut, Lebanon

Call us on 

+961 70 018 281

Fred Astaire the Academy

The 2nd floor, next to Wooden Bakery, Dora Highway, Beirut, Lebanon

Call us on 

+961 70 123 265

La Danza

The 1st floor, Samra center, Fanar main road, Fanar, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Beirut, Lebanon

Call us on 

+961 79 145 398

Mazen Kiwan the Academy
Absolute Beginners class Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 9:45 pm.

A discount available for registration with a partner !
First trial session free of charge !
Please register by sending a message to this number :
70 01 82 81.
Check our Facebook page !
Fred Astaire Studio
Beginners class Tuesday from 8 to 9 pm
Practice night Friday from 9 to 10:15 pm
Check our Facebook page !
La Danza
Level 1 class for adults on Tuesday and Friday from 7 to 8 pm
Level 2 class for adults on Friday from 8 to 10 pm
Class for children on Saturday from 11 to 12 pm
Check our Facebook page !

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